Guaranteed Energy Savings
bodyimg-coupleMichiana Heating & Air Conditioning is a Comfort24-7 Provider, guaranteeing 25% first-year energy savings.  A new system that meets eligible efficiency levels will save you 25% in energy costs in the first twelve months or we will reimburse the difference between the calculated 25% savings and your actual savings.  What this means is that if gas or electric energy costs, associated with operating your new heating and cooling system in the first year after installation, are not decreased by a minimum of 25%, when compared to the year prior, Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning will pay the difference.

Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning creates the ideal climate for your home, answering every challenge of the seasonal weather changes. Toasty warm all winter, refreshing cool throughout summer – when our technicians handle precise temperature controls, you’ll enjoy energy efficiency, quiet operation and dependable performance.

Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted resource for all of your home comfort needs. From tailoring the perfect heating and cooling system installation to service and repair, we are confident we can exceed your expectations.  We offer mini-split systems if you lack the necessary ductwork for forced air, but are looking for the comfort of efficient and reliable home cooling. Through the most advanced technology, convenient features and quality-crafted products on the market today, Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning rises to any challenge for home and commercial comfort. We offer free estimates on replacements and provide recommendations that will provide you with the perfect heating and cooling system that fits your budget, expectations, and needs of your family.

The Carrier President’s Award is awarded to those contractors who exceed expectations. As a Carrier Dealer, Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning exemplifies the highest level of customer service and professionalism, setting an example of true excellence. The Carrier President’s Award is the highest honor for a Carrier Dealer, and Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning is extremely proud to have been distinguished with this recognition in 2009, 2012, 2017 & 2018.