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Is your air conditioner in pristine working condition? Or has it been neglected through consecutive summers without a tune-up? It is important that your air system receives regular professional maintenance.

Your air conditioner sits dormant during months of cold and moderate temperatures. While it isn’t working to cool your home, you may think nothing can go wrong with it. However, nasty bacteria and other natural contaminants can collect within the workings of split system air conditioning units and cause problems. Without a professional service inspection, turning on your cooling system at the beginning of summer can result in poor indoor air quality, risk system failure, and cause health problems.

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Cleaning air filters, while helpful, is not enough. The increased temperature and moisture deep within your AC system promotes the growth of natural organisms such as mold, mildew and fungi. These conditions also accelerate the natural decomposition of animal and plant matter, such as pollen, leaves, insects and rodents. Buildup of dirt and debris can lead to restricted airflow, overworked motors, higher energy costs, and increased allergens in your home or office. Bacteria and dust within the system is sprayed directly into the air, resulting in a variety of infections and health concerns.

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Considering how simple it is to call Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning for cleaning and overall maintenance, it is a small price to pay to protect your family’s well-being. Fatigue, coughing, congestion, sore throat, eye irritation, asthma attacks and flu-like illnesses are the results of allergens in the air you breathe. The quality of indoor air and health of your family is directly connected to the condition of your cooling system.

Letting your system go without service can become costly. Dust and organic particles will mix and form a grayish mat on the fins of the cooling coil in your air handler, reducing airflow. If airflow is sufficiently slowed, the coil will get so cold that the condensate freezes, completely blocking the coil. Instead of a simple cleaning, you’ll then be faced with an aggravating and more costly repair.

Preventative Maintenance

When you schedule preventative maintenance from Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning, we check your entire system for wear and tear, anticipating potential repairs and taking all necessary proactive measures. Every connection is tightened, all controls are calibrated, refrigerant levels are inspected, plus we perform a complete and comprehensive cleaning. Not only will you enjoy greatly-improved air quality, your system will operate much more efficiently, saving money on utility costs. We’ll prevent over 53% of faults, extend system lifespan, and restore original sound levels. Professional maintenance satisfies the stipulations of warranty coverage, ensures safe operation, and optimizes overall performance. You’ll stay more comfortable for less money.

The complexity of cooling units has changed drastically over the past five to ten years, making it imperative that a skilled and trained technician handles the cleaning, upkeep and tuning of your system. The team from Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning is highly experienced, ensuring your home comfort system will be serviced by one of the most skilled technicians in your area. We are also Michiana’s largest residential Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, conforming to Carrier’s strict guidelines for insurance requirements, liability coverage, warranties, product knowledge, and continued training in installation, service and repair procedures.

Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning is a local family-owned business.

We are committed to providing trustworthy and expert service to the South Bend, IN area and Michigan. We offer free estimates on replacements and new equipment, financing with approved credit, and accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, cash and checks. Our mission is to install the highest quality equipment, deliver quick and thorough repairs, and protect your investment with conscientious preventative service. Once you’ve set up a convenient and cost-effective maintenance agreement, we’ll handle it from there. You can trust Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning to keep your family cool and comfortable summer after summer.

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