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During the bone-chilling days and nights of winter, it’s vital that your heating system measure up to your expectations for comfort. Without consistent performance from your furnace, your home won’t feel as pleasant and inviting as it should. You can’t enjoy a relaxing weekend, evening with your family, or restful sleep if you’re shivering.  In order to get the greatest reward from your heating equipment; professional maintenance is necessary. Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning offers service protection plans so you can rest assured your furnace will be ready when you need it.

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No machine can work perfectly all the time. Your furnace is no exception, and without maintenance, it will be far more susceptible to breakdowns. A properly serviced system will last longer, prevent over half of the potential malfunctions, and cost less to operate. Through a convenient and cost effective service plan, you can avoid the nuisance of repairs, decreased comfort, increased utility costs and a propensity to system failure.

Modern houses are tightly sealed for the sake of energy efficiency, heating system combustion byproducts are a growing health concern. High on the list of dangerous pollutants is carbon monoxide; an odorless, tasteless, toxic gas. Natural gas combustion also produces formaldehyde. If combustion is incomplete, or the heat exchanger in your system is faulty, a succession of chemical compounds will result and may be leaked into the air stream. Defective heating systems are a very real danger to your family and home. With regular inspection, Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning will ensure safe operation and offer complete peace of mind.

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Even if you can’t see dirt building up on the inner workings of your heating systems, it’s there. As dust and debris accumulates, airflow is restricted, causing your furnace to work much harder to achieve desired temperatures. Comfort and efficiency are reduced, components wear our much quicker, and the system may even overheat, causing cracks in the heat exchanger. Moisture from the air in garages, basements and crawlspaces can also corrode and ruin a heat exchanger, leading to complex repairs or even system replacement.  Regular inspection and cleaning is necessary for the integrity and safe operation of your system and its components. The process is quick, simple and yields tremendous benefits.

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Seasonal inspection pays for itself in the long run. When you call Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning, our certified technicians will catch minor difficulties, replace worn parts, and avoid larger, more costly repairs. Proactive maintenance achieves dependability, preparing your furnace for the heavy workload during those brutally cold months. By making sure your furnace is running at peak performance level, we’ll reduce energy consumption, increase system longevity and satisfy warranty coverage. Carefully tuned, smooth-running heating equipment promotes a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home for your family to enjoy.

Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to your home comfort. Set up a service plan with us and let our licensed technicians do the rest. Our factory-trained technicians will get the most from your equipment and ensure that your heating system will answer your needs with peak performance. Call us today for expert service throughout the Niles area, Indiana and Michigan. Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective investment in comfort and safety, and when you trust the condition of your furnace to Michiana Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll take good care of you.

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